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“I’m not here to fix you - You aren’t broken!”

“It is my soul belief that our spiritual journey is not about what we have to learn- it is about what there is to remember”.   Rev. Penni Honey

Are you wanting to usher in what you may have forgotten to be true about YOU along the way? Are you ready to Find some truth rather than be in a perpetual Search for it? Stop judging your insides by someone else’s outsides?

In addition to being an ordained New Thought Minister, trained Chaplain, Facilitator of “The Work” by Byron Katie,  years of 12-Step work around co-dependency, as well as being immersed in Truth studies for 20+ years, Rev. Penni has lived a lot of life, made a lot of mistakes and treasures (or is working on treasuring) most of them.

“The greatest lesson is learning to love yourself through it all”  Barbara Streisand

Her blend of a homegrown, grounded wisdom, higher formal education, with rich and sometimes painful life experiences invites you to your willingness to be reminded of who you are. Her easy way, compassionate nature yet truthful approach creates an environment for healthy processing. Her knowing that YOU already know what you need and her willingness to support (or perhaps push!) you into it translates into your own wisdom serving you at its best.

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“Listen, and try to think if you remember what we will speak of now. Listen, and see if you remember an ancient song you knew so long ago and held more dear than any melody you taught yourself to cherish since." 

--A Course In Miracles

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